International Investments in the Dark Corners of the Global Economy


You and I fret over how to balance our investment dollars in a SEP or an IRA. Meanwhile, Robert P. Smith has his bags packed for Damascus, Syria to measure that country’s investment potential. That’s why he is portrayed as the “Indiana Jones” of international finance. “Give me a country that is at war because the last President has been shot and I’ll figure out something to … [Read more...]

No Joke. ARC General Contracting is busy.

ARC General Contracting

Have you heard the one about the residential realtor, the commercial realtor and the general contractor at a business networking event? The residential realtor says to the commercial realtor, “When are you going let me sell you a house? “ The commercial Realtor says, “Not until you figure out how to sell mine.” The general contractor shakes his head and says, “I … [Read more...]

A Surprising Solution for Capitalists

Bruce Piasecki

Two thoughts came to mind before I even got through the Forward and Introduction sections of The Surprising Solution: Creating Possibility in a Swift and Severe World by Bruce Piasecki. 1. Is this book is going to be preaching to the choir about addressing environmental and social issues? Will it be a studied treatment of the issues or a piece of propaganda? 2. It takes a … [Read more...]