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Dave has a career specialty in helping companies increase the odds of success with new product programs, new businesses and major new growth initiatives in Fortune level corporate, privately held, and venture company settings.

He has worked on initiatives on behalf of dozens of small to mid-sized companies, as well as a number of the most powerful names in business.

Dave is the founder of NeuVision Group, a market development firm, Alpha Board – The National Business Leadership Exchange, as well as Alpha Scouts, a firm to place executive leaders inside high growth organizations. Alpha Board is a natural extension of NeuVision Group, established as an executive board and leadership exchange for growth companies to more easily and effectively gain marketplace visibility. Alpha Board was created in response to clients’ ever increasing demands for companies expanded their reach, reputation and visibility in today’s hyper-competitive “now world order” of business.

Dave has held a wide variety of leadership positions at 3M, Pillsbury, Imation and his own business ventures. These have included new product development, business formation, business launch, business management, marketing, product management, global market development, business development and new business consulting. His firms, NeuVision Group, Alpha Board and Alpha Scouts have worked with companies like 3M, Monsanto, Deere, Toshiba, Pfizer, Caterpillar, Dow Chemical, USDA, Prairie iNet,, MarketWatch and dozens more ranging from start-ups, venture companies, mid-market growth leaders, and major corporate giants. NeuVision Group was the launch firm to help commercialize the largest e-business site in agriculture.

Dave’s corporate experience includes commercialization of numerous new product programs as well as successfully managing and growing existing businesses in fiercely competitive markets. He held global marketing and business management responsibilities for three major product lines totaling over $700 million in annual sales.

While at 3M and its technology spin-off, Imation, Dave collaborated on business, marketing and new product initiatives with companies like Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Sony, Seagate, ADIC, Exabyte, Iomega and others. With his collaborating partners, they have career experience with a number of the most powerful global brands and most admired companies in business.

Dave has received two of 3M’s prestigious Sales and Marketing Professionalism Awards, one at the U.S. level, and one for global achievement. He also received two 3M Golden Step Awards for outstanding global new product performance. Dave has received the Grand President’s Leadership Award from Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity, and was awarded a “Member of the Century” award during their 2004 centennial convention. Dave has been a regional officer and guest lecturer on marketplace issues with the Product Development Management Association.

Dave holds an MBA with honors in both marketing and finance from Indiana University. He graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics from Kansas State University, with extensive studies in finance. In addition to his metro-based business career, Dave also maintains ongoing ownership and a passive role in a large family farming operation.


Dan VaseyDan Vasey two

When you’re committed to growth, you need an army of advocates.

That is why we built Alpha Board and NeuVision Group. That is why Dan is here. Dan serves as a market development professional for Alpha Board, and an advocate for our customers. Dan has grown individual accounts from zero to over $10 million in sales within two years, and grew and managed a mid-eight-figure sales relationship with Hewlett-Packard as a key account manager.

Dan has a sixth sense for what people want and need, and he is associated with Alpha Board and NeuVision Group to help us grow the relationships with our best customers and market partners.

Our charter is to help our members and market leaders develop relationships, tell their story, gain visibility and cultivate marketplace connections. But we make it fun, and highly relevant. Dan understands all of this more than most, and knows how to leverage market advocacy and influencer relationships as powerful tools to achieve new market growth.

Dan is a consummate launch professional, and has played an integral part of new product and new channel launches throughout his career. He has been consulting with NeuVision Group and Alpha Board for a number of years, and also has experience working with Dave Anderson, the founder of Alpha Board and NeuVision Group spanning more than 20 years.

Dan has also devoted his career to technology development, technology launch and building relationships that grow great businesses. Early on, Dan learned to blend the tools of the products and services with the relationships that matter. The cutting edge of technology launches begin in three places… Lead developers, lead users, and lead channel members.   Dan’s experience with this process is directly transferable to helping executives grow market relationships through Alpha Board and the NeuVision Group services.

Dan has more than three decades of experience launching and growing new technologies. Dan was responsible for managing new product development relationships between 3M and Hewlett-Packard that resulted in hundreds of millions in annual sales for each company. His channel sales efforts resulted in 100 percent per year growth in OEM channels, through relationships with Hewlett-Packard and others. Dan held the lead sales responsibility for a tenfold increase in leading edge channel sales among 3M’s emerging tech dealers. As an individual field sales professional, Dan managed over $50 million in direct sales to his customers, as well as achieving $5 million in new sales of a new product to a new customer, in year one.

Dan knows how to help customers and market partners achieve their goals and deliver marketplace results. His Alpha Board responsibilities include developing new relationships, and managing existing relationships with our members, strategic partners, and market influencers.

Dan studied Business Administration at University of Nebraska at Kearney, formerly Kearney State, and spent more than three decades with 3M and their technology spin-off Imation, prior to joining NeuVision Group and Alpha Board. He has experience developing, growing and managing direct sales relationships as well as channel relationships across a wide variety of technology, business to business and commercial markets.