Fresh Octane Tour Celebrates American Business Leadership and Innovation


Alpha Board’s 2013-14 Fresh Octane Business Leadership Tour Gives Voice to American Businesses Fresh Octane® Energy to Grow™: It’s time to plant the seeds of renewed prosperity on behalf of American Business. NeuVision Group and Alpha Board are proud to announce the 2013-2014 Fresh Octane Tour to showcase great businesses that are truly committed to leadership, innovation … [Read more...]

Derailed: Five Lessons Learned From Catastrophic Failures of Leadership


There must be a million books out there on leadership. And whether we’re aspiring leaders or analytical followers, leadership is something that we all have an opinion on. As a result, books about the great leadership successes draw us like magnets. But Tim Irwin, Ph.D., looks at the discussion of leadership from the opposite perspective—leadership failures. That’s what makes … [Read more...]

Crisis Leadership from Former Fortune 500 CEO Bill George

Bill George 7 Lessons for Leading in Crisis

While pundits and experts are churning out a plethora of books analyzing the causes of the 2008 economic crisis, it’s refreshing to find a practical book that provides some good thinking on how to manage for success in cri sis situations. In his new book, “7 Lessons for Leading in Crisis,” Harvard Business School Professor and former Medtronic CEO and Chairman Bill George, … [Read more...]

Growing Midwest Market is German Solar Energy and Technology Leader’s Focus


At all levels of government and at most dinner tables, the high cost of energy and the options possible from the renewable sources of solar and wind are familiar conversations. The change in recent years, however, is those conversations have become increasingly the focus of policy and action, not just topics conjecture and speculation. SunCarrier, a division a+f GmbH, a … [Read more...]

International Investments in the Dark Corners of the Global Economy


You and I fret over how to balance our investment dollars in a SEP or an IRA. Meanwhile, Robert P. Smith has his bags packed for Damascus, Syria to measure that country’s investment potential. That’s why he is portrayed as the “Indiana Jones” of international finance. “Give me a country that is at war because the last President has been shot and I’ll figure out something to … [Read more...]