Profits Are Everything


Pssssst! Do you own your own business? Are profits hurting a little in this current economy? Well I’ve got this guy I want you to meet. His name is George Cloutier. He’s a Harvard grad that Business Week dubbed a “Turnaround Ace” and his focus has always been on small business. Actually, you may not even need to hire him, just read his book. … [Read more...]

A Surprising Solution for Capitalists

Bruce Piasecki

Two thoughts came to mind before I even got through the Forward and Introduction sections of The Surprising Solution: Creating Possibility in a Swift and Severe World by Bruce Piasecki. 1. Is this book is going to be preaching to the choir about addressing environmental and social issues? Will it be a studied treatment of the issues or a piece of propaganda? 2. It takes a … [Read more...]